Glossary of Terms 2 About Wiring Harness

A female cord mounted wiring device with the conducting elements recessed behind the mating surface.
This type of device is normally wired to be live when nothing is plugged in to it. Therefore, connectors
are wired to the source of power.

Canadian Standards Association; A Canadian product safety and certification organization. Their
registered mark shows that a product has been independently tested and certified to meet recognized
standards for safety or performance.

The rate of flow of electrical energy through a conductor or wire, comparable to the amount of water
flowing in a pipe. Electric current is measured in amperes or “amps”

Any insulating medium, which intervenes between two conductors and permits electrostatic attraction
and repulsion to take place across it.

Dielectric Test
Tests which consist of the application of a voltage higher than that of the rated voltage for a specified
time for the purpose of determining the adequacy against breakdown of insulating materials and spacing
under normal conditions.

Direct Current; Current which moves in a single direction in a steady flow. Normal household electricity
is alternating current (AC) which repeatedly reverses its direction. However, many electronics devices
require DC, and therefore must convert the current into DC before using it.

Ferrimagnetic ceramic non-conductive compound material used to prevent high frequency electrical
noise from entering or exiting the equipment.

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