Wire To Wire Connector

The WTW Connectors consist of mating hermaphroditic, flame retardant polycarbonate housings into which customer terminated power contacts are inserted. Stackable in four directions through the use of molded interlocking keyways, the connectors make wire routing and dressing orderly and easy to accomplish. More importantly, the built-in interlocking features on the connectors and the accessory mounting adapters provide resistance to the effects of shock and vibration, keeping the interconnect stable and secure.

The design features of the WTW Connector make it easily applicable to free hanging, surface mounted or panel mounted applications. By simply sliding the accessory mounting adapters into the molded keyways of the connector housing, a free hanging connector can be transformed into a surface mount connector or a panel mount connector.

Furthermore, WTW connector housings, mounting adapters and power terminals are all provided with alignment or keying features that make it nearly impossible to improperly assemble and apply the connector. Alignment slots and tabs on the plastic connector housings provide for easy mating of the housings, even in the dark! Mounting adapters have a keyway on one side and a key on the other side, providing for easy assembly to the connector by touch alone if necessary. And the power terminals have a side tab that prevents the incorrect insertion of the terminated conductor into the housing. Once inserted, the contacts firmly latch within the connector housing.

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