Contactless Flat Ribbon Cables UL1330 24awg With SCN Vertical Connector

Contactless Flat Ribbon Cables UL1330 24awg With SCN Vertical Connector

 PN: ECO-1358
Compliant: ISO9001:2008; ROHS; Reach; HF
MOQ: 1000PCS
Payment terms: TT; western union; paypal; L/C
Lead time: 10-15 days
Package: water-proof PE bag inside, carton outside
Delivery method: air shipment; sea shipment; UPS; FEDEX; DHL


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Contactless Flat Ribbon Cables UL1330 24awg With SCN Vertical Connector
Quick Details:
wire: glued UL1330
wire gauge: 24 awg
length: per customer request
application: Contactless applications
connector 1: JST XHP
connector 2: JST SCN
pitch: 2.54mm
equivalent (replacement): available

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dust catcher, tele controller, microphone, amplifier, DVD, soybean milk machine, vacuum cleaner,
wire telephony, electric cooker, air blower, electric fan, washing machine, microwave oven, electromagnetic oven

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